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Welcome to eXchange
eXchange is designed to handle all types of products that will not be repaired, such as low-cost product (NEL), DOA, to many repair attempts, to long repair time, repair not profitable or repair is not possible.
The system was originally developed in close cooperation with Expert Norway and some of their suppliers and used there in full operation since 2009. Currently the system is also in use by SIBA in Sweden and Norway and L'EASY in Denmark.

eXchange is built around a simple interface where all parties, retailers, suppliers, distributors and workshops, can easily follow an errand from being registered to it is credited and completed. The system includes all the basic features but also a distributor role, price correction, logistics and an administration interface for the store chain with the ability to monitor all errands in all of the chain stores.

There are also electronic integration with for examlpe Expert Norway and their SAP system and to Sony. Integration of the system can be made by all parties and in all flows.

eXchange is developed by ETTnoll Design AB and it is also the company that owns, operates and provides support for the system.   © 2008 - 2024 Reclaimit AB Piteå, Sverige   |   Cookies